PROOFREADING: Spell check will get you only so far – it won’t catch a “than” that should be a “that.” I carefully examine your completed document, ensuring correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Your message comes through without the distraction of minor errors.

COPY EDITING: Think of proofreading on steroids. A thorough copy editing ensures every word is in place, the grammar is correct, and your writing flows smoothly. Copy editing tightens loose writing, eliminating unnecessary words so your text is crisp, clear, powerful and consistent. I recommend copy editing for writing that needs more than just a check for spelling and punctuation. I’ll make suggestions on structural and organizational changes that can greatly improve the quality of the final product.

ACADEMIC EDITING: I can edit anything from a five-page paper to a doctoral dissertation. I specialize in APA style and can ensure that your entire text, including Works Cited, conforms to your chosen style.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING: You have a first draft of your manuscript – or just an outline. Now what? It’s time for developmental editing, in which, together, we look at structure, tone and voice. Are all of these right for your intended audience? We’ll identify gaps in logic and flow, and ensure your work preserves your voice and serves the reader.

COACHING: After more than 15 years teaching college students, I have developed a coaching style that helps writers grow and improve – with encouragement and without judgment. I’ll help you get to the heart of your topic and work with you to strengthen your message.

Coaching can have lasting effects on your writing ability, giving you the confidence to tackle any writing project.  Although I can offer coaching and consultations through email, FaceTime and Skype, coaching is best done in person. If you are in the Boulder, Colorado, area, contact me to see if coaching is right for you and to arrange an appointment. Consultations and estimates are free.

RESUMES & COVER LETTERS: I can help you put your resume and cover letter in the most effective terms to help you land your next job. I can turn industry jargon into plain English and organize your career information to suit the job you seek. I'll clean up any minor errors, resulting in a polished, professional resume and cover letter. Let your first impression be your best impression.

HOW I DO IT: I prefer to use “track changes” in Microsoft Word, which allows me to edit and make comments. You will be able to accept or reject each change, so you remain in control of the final document. (I can work in other formats, too, such as LibreOffice and PowerPoint. I can also copy and paste your work from an email and edit in Word.) If desired, I can pencil-edit hard copies and mail them back.

WHAT I WON'T DO: I won’t edit unoriginal work or work that violates the law or an academic honor code. I reserve the right to reject work I find to be hateful.