PROOFREADING: $25-$35 an hour

COPY EDITING: $35-$45 an hour

COACHING: $40-$50 an hour

Regardless of length, the minimum charge is for one hour. You may bundle several shorter texts into one project. Consultations and estimates are free. If your project is pretty straightforward, pricing will be on the lower end of the scale. Payment can be made through PayPal. I can work with you if you prefer another method. I may request a 25 percent downpayment before work begins.

SPEED: Depending on the number of changes that need to be made, I can proofread 10-15 pages an hour. I can copy edit 8-14 pages an hour. And I'm always available for questions or a recheck of your work after you’ve made your changes or additions.

I track my work using an online app and send you a report of precisely how much time I spent on your document. You pay only for the time I was actually editing your work.